Top Reasons to Rent a Vehicle

Nine reasons to hire with Glenrental

Special occasions

Personal occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries are a great time to rent a car. Add style, luxury and a dash of fun to your next special occasion.

Road trips

Many choose to rent a car for a road trip to save wear and tear on their own vehicle and help avoid adding mileage to a car that can depreciate its value. In some cases, choosing to rent a car that offers better efficiency than your current vehicle will save you money on your trip, while renting an SUV or van for longer road trips provides more seating and extra room for comfort and luggage.

Visitors from abroad

If you have friends or family visiting from abroad, renting a car is a convenient way to get around without the need to rely on family members or public transport. Opting for regular taxis can get expensive.

Business requirements

First impressions count! That’s why many business professionals prefer to rent a car rather than use their own vehicle for business purposes. You may need a larger vehicle to pick up clients from the airport or take a group out to dinner, or you might just want a little more luxury for your business dealings.

Moving home

Renting a large van undoubtebly makes moving easier! You’ll have plenty of room to fit all your belongings resulting in fewer trips. This will help you save on fuel so you can buy and enjoy a take away with your friends as a thank you for helping you move!

Accidents do happen

Vehicle accidents often mean your car is in the repair shop for a long period of time. Renting a car means you can continue your daily routine without relying on or inconveniencing friends and family while you wait for your car to be road-worthy again.


In the majority of cases, a car will lose value from the day you take ownership. This means you will be paying for it 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week, whether you are using it or not. With car rental, you only pay to use the car when you need it.

Drive the newest models

You can’t beat that new car feeling, but not everyone can afford the outlay of a new car every year. The average age of cars on European roads is eight years old. The average rental car is less than eight months old.


Rental a vehicle can assist a business’s cash flow as VAT is only charged on the monthly rental amount rather than the purchase price of the vehicle.